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BB, CC and now DD creams…what is the deal?!

The alphabet soup of different cosmetic products is likely to continue. The main benefit of these products is hydration of the skin. BB (beauty balm), CC (conceal and correct or color control) and DD (disguise and diminish) creams may sound similar, but have subtle differences.
  • BB cream was first used by a dermatologist in Germany to help patients after surgery. The purpose of BB cream is to hydrate and smooth the skin, and it may contain tint and sunscreen.
  • CC cream is marketed as a concealer to even out skin tones and hydrate the skin.
  • DD cream is supposed to hydrate and have anti-aging properties.

The main ingredient in all of these is water. As you can see, there are differences when it comes to marketing, but these products are actually very similar.

What about those with sensitive or acne-prone skin? 
When my patients ask if they can use these products, I say, “Go right ahead.” As long as it’s hypoallergenic (important for patients with sensitive skin), non-comedogenic (important for patients with acne) and made by a reputable company with good ingredients, there should not be a problem. Patients can use regular foundation or alphabet soup products, as long as it’s a good product. One of the subtle advantages of products like BB cream, is that it’s targeted make up – if you only have on blemish, there may not be a reason to cover your whole face. But the flipside is a disadvantage – if full coverage is needed, these aren’t as good of an option.
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